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What do we provide?

Academy Conferences aims to help students and teachers to approach education as a valued end in itself and reach beyond the classroom walls. We do this by running Masterclass days for students and teachers, going beyond the curriculum to offer a connected and critical overview of academic and non-academic topics and the big ideas they examine. Our events are operated with the support of a number of British universities including The University of Oxford (through the IRC), and Liverpool Hope University. Events are delivered by top academics and experienced examiners from across the UK. We also work with each of the major exam boards to offer relevant training and insight. These events are an outstanding opportunity both for professional development and extension for students.


How do we provide this?

We run Masterclass study days in a range of venues across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The focus is on inspiring attendees to seek knowledge as an end in itself. We promote wide-ranging intellectual curiosity as a value and regard it as essential for the discovery of new knowledge. We pride ourselves on presenting balanced arguments with academic integrity. We offer events for academically curious students, and also subject specific study days for Philosophy, Ethics and Religion. These are world-class opportunities for academic enrichment. 


We regularly provide in-house events for schools unable to attend events and provide keynote speakers for school events, such as speech days and public lectures. 




How can I find out about these events?

Details of content, dates and venues, cost and booking arrangements may be found in flyers circulated to schools and on the Academy Conferences website: 

Please contact the office if you need information for your own event. 


How do I apply for places?

We ask that you apply online, using the booking procedure found on the website. This ensures you have read and agree to the terms and conditions and helps avoid any confusion over the details.

Should this option not be possible we can accept manual requests by post or by email to our office:

Academy Conferences

P O Box 882




E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We will require the following information:

• The name, email address and telephone number of the person making the application

• The name, email address and telephone number of the primary person attending the event

• The number of places required (staff and students as required)

• The name and postal address of the school including any post / zip code

• The name and email address of the school’s finance officer

• The purchase order number if required by your finance department

• A statement from you that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions below.


(We are not a big business and cannot man the office full time but will try our best to respond to you within 7 days.)




Booking & payment process

It is preferred that the foregoing request for places should be accompanied by full payment. The payment rates for each event are identified when the conferences are advertised as well as the qualifying conditions for free staff places and for individual staff attending for INSET. Payments can be remitted by bank transfer, cheque, credit card or by PayPal. (Please note that payment rates for credit card and PayPal will reflect the additional costs levied by those providers.) Please advise finance departments that remittance advice should include the invoice number, school name and conference venue in order to reduce delay in crediting your account.


We appreciate that it can take time in schools to put paperwork in place and, if relevant, to collect money from students’ families. If full payment cannot be made at the time of booking then places may be secured by paying a deposit of £70 / $70. 

How do we use the deposit?

If you pay before the event

• The deposit secures your seats until you pay. If the venue becomes fully booked we reserve the right to ask for immediate payment. If we do not hear from you, we may offer your places to another school.


• The full deposit is subtracted from the invoice when you pay the balance.

If you fail to pay before the event

• The deposit will be used by us to pay the administration charge of processing late payment.
• In the case of late payment (after the event) the deposit will NOT be deductible from the invoice.
• Your deposit secures your seats and the full cost must be met, however many students attend on the day. No change to your invoice is possible after an event.

Please Note 

Non-receipt of your deposit within 14 calendar days of making an application will result in the booking being cancelled.

The deposit is non-refundable in circumstances where a school withdraws and/or the full invoice is not met.



Although we are highly ambitious we are nevertheless a very small concern and still deeply rooted in the value of education for all. While providing these events entails enormous cost we want all intellectually curious students to be able to access our events. We do not want the ticket price to obstruct this. 

We work with several individuals and bodies who are willing to sponsor students wishing to attend but for whom the cost is a significant challenge for their families. Our sponsors require specific information regarding the applicant being considered but you will not be asked for confidential information or names. Please contact the AC office for further details.


Amendments & Cancellations

One of the most difficult areas to manage for small businesses is how to strike the balance between quality provision and the income level to support this. We believe it is the same for schools who might wish to give their students an experience but must attract the donations etc. from families to make it viable.

We have to commit the majority of our costs upfront to book speakers, venues and, for staff, catering and need a level of reservations to make it viable. However, inevitably, you will be faced with challenges at school and might need to change the arrangement you have made with us. We believe the key is timing so have adopted the following for this year:

1. If you are increasing your reservation numbers then this can be done FOC right up to conference day, as long as places are available. You will need to email the office to establish whether this is the case. If you have already settled your invoice you will be re-invoiced and this will need to be met before attending the conference. We are able to take very last minute payments at the door. 

2. If you are decreasing your numbers then this can be done FOC up to 21 days before the conference.  Although we would have committed all our expenditure by then this may give us time to resell your seats. If you have already paid we can arrange a refund.

3. If you wish to decrease your numbers within the 21 days prior to the event or on the day itself and you have already paid then we will not be able to issue a refund as, by this time, we will normally be unable to re-sell seats. If you have not yet paid then we will no longer be able to alter your invoice and the full amount will fall due, for the same reason. This applies to all circumstances with the one exception of an Ofsted inspection on the day of the event.

Logistics / Guidance

General arrangements for our events are available on the flyers we distribute and on our website. These include times, venues and refreshment arrangements.

Specific joining instructions are distributed in the week before the appropriate event and are sent to the person who registers the application, unless they have identified a third party in the booking to whom it should be sent.

This named person should, in reply, both confirm receipt of the instructions and also return a list of names and email addresses of accompanying staff for the conference register.

These joining instructions will include catering details. We normally provide staff refreshments and lunch and it is appreciated that any particular dietary needs of teachers are identified and shared with us as early as possible.

Students are always required to bring along a packed lunch. We will include in the joining instructions any further details of snack facilities if there are any. In addition, all delegates are encouraged to bring water to consume during the presentations.

Teachers should bring to our attention in good time any access arrangements needed for individuals with specific needs and any other special arrangements that might be required e.g. prayer room for Muslim students.  

Conference resources are made available to staff after the event. These are often published on our Facebook documents area, which you may join at any time. 

During each conference, students will be encouraged to engage with the speakers and other schools by the use of social media. Teachers may wish to confirm with their schools that such interaction meets the requirements of relevant school policies.

The presentations given at conference are subject to copyright. For this reason, audio and video recording are not allowed and photographs may only be taken by arrangement. Please note that AC reserves the right to take photographs of their events and teachers must accept responsibility for bringing to our attention any student or member of staff for whom this would represent a risk or conflict with protection guidelines.

Conference times are given on the flyers and website pages but we normally open doors at 09.30 outside London and 10.00 in London. It is recommended that schools arrive in good time to secure their seating. We cannot guarantee that a school group can be accommodated in a discrete block on late arrival. 

Students and staff should be advised that Academy Conferences cannot accept responsibility for any lost or damaged personal property, including cash.

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