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Australasia 2017 Programme

Gifted & Talented Study Day

This study day offers a unique provision for academically gifted students.

The aim of this study day is to help gifted students to:

  • Improve their thinking skills
  • Begin to be able to identify what is fundamental from what is trivial
  • Become intellectually creative
  • Identify assumptions and distinguish between good and poor arguments
  • Think systematically and rigorously about relevant modern day issues

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Senior Conferences

Big Questions for Gifted Students: So What's it All About?

Asking the right questions is important. The great thinker, Socrates, was called the midwife of people's thoughts because he asked the right questions and helped people give birth to new ideas. Would we have known that the earth revolves around the sun if it hadn't been for the inquisitive minds of people like Copernicus and Galileo? Would we have known that light holds energy? This interactive study day will ask students to consider some fundamental questions and offer intellectual frameworks for developing their own ideas.

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Tour Venues

8th May 2017 St Hilda's School
10th May 2017 Cashmere High School
11th May 2017 Scots College
12th May 2017 St Cuthbert's School
15th May 2017 Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)
16th May 2017 Ascham School
17th May 2017 Concordia College
18th May 2017 TBA
19th May 2017 Camberwell Grammar
19th July 2017 Toowoomba Grammar School


Tuition fees: $AUD45.00/$NZ45.00. One free staff place is available for every 12 students. 

Unaccompanied staff places attending for professional development are available at $195.

Registration begins at 9am for a 9.30am start, and finishes at 2.30pm. Students must bring their own tea and lunch - a water bottle is also recommended. Morning tea and lunch is provided for accompanying teachers.

Parents are welcome to attend on payment of the same student fee.

Note that most schools require their full school uniform to be worn to the conference, and we believe this makes for a very professional and smart appearance by students representing their school.

Please also note that we cannot accept bookings for unaccompanied students, and all students attending are required to have a supervising teacher, or parent, with them. This is a workplace health and safety issue, as we do not have the necessary staff to provide supervision of students at the conference, or during meal breaks. If a school is not attending, and a student from that schools wishes to attend independently, they can do so, but they must be accompanied by a supervising adult who is charged at the student rate, and who makes the booking.

After three weeks prior to a conference date, all bookings will be charged the full fee on the invoice and are not open to cancellation.


To book with us fill in your full details below:


Your booking will be confirmed immediately and invoices must be met unless you notify us 3 weeks before conference.

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